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Originally published at on April 30, 2019.

Age tech is fairly new to the competitive landscape of startup accelerators. Globally, there are thousands of accelerator/ incubator programs. Some belong to large corporations or venture capital firms.

Whatever your startup does, there’s an accelerator program out there tailored to your needs. Early stage startups in age tech, however, can choose to go to an accelerator program with expertise in a specific tech vertical (like drones), or to one with expertise on their target market, in this case, older adults. This article focuses on age tech accelerators that are either currently running programs or are still open to applications.

Zinc VC’s Mission 3

Zinc is a 9-month company-builder program, based in London and focused on tackling the world’s toughest social issues, affecting at least 100M people. This year, they’ve announced the launch of Mission 3, a program that focuses on the world’s aging population. The mission — to add five high-quality years to later life.

3 batches of startups are expected to launch during 2019. The solutions are not limited to any particular vertical or any particular type (e.g. biological, psychological, tech, construction, etc’). Instead, the program allows founders to unleash their full creativity and find the best solutions, products, and services.

Who is it for?

Creators and innovators from a variety of backgrounds, including clinicians, engineers, financial services experts, creative designers, researchers, serial entrepreneurs, product managers, NGO innovators, life scientists, care managers, and more.

What do they provide?

HAX + Centrica Hive connected-care acceleration track

HAX is a venture capital-based program dedicated to accelerating startups with a hardware element. Hax has partnered with Centrica, a British multinational energy and services company, and launched a challenge to find the next generation of connected solutions to further independent living, improve communication, and increase the quality of life for older adults, their caregivers, and loved ones.

HAX is a two-stage program that starts in Shenzhen and finishes in San Francisco. Companies that are admitted to the program will spend four to eight months in Shenzhen co-developing technology, followed by two to three months in San Francisco, where they will work on business development, fundraising, and growth.

Who is it for?

Early stage startups with a hardware element, or later stage startups looking to create a version two to scale into other verticals and/or markets.

What do they provide?

  • Initial funding of up to $100,000 per company.
  • In-house manufacturing and engineering expertise.
  • Helping you create your company, its business model, positioning, branding, and product design all the way through launch and manufacturing.
  • Connecting you with potential investors and strategic partners, as well as advisors and press.

Upwards’ Aged Care Lab

Upward Labs is a new program created by Upward that is designed to incubate ideas in aged care and Smart Buildings industries. Up to 10 startups will participate in their 6-month program built around a pilot, giving entrepreneurs the tools and support in order for it to run successfully.

Who is it for?

Companies that have a product or service in aged-care. There are no limitations based on the stage of your company, money raised, country of origin, or prior accelerator experience.

What do they provide?

  • $50,000 in cash
  • $50,000 of luxury co-living, co-working space and services
  • $200,000 in pilots across 100 Assisted-Living Units and 100 Home Health-Care Homes.

Age Tech Accelerator

Age Tech Accelerator is a program based in Europe and funded by the EU. It is not a traditional incubator/ accelerator since they don’t provide start-ups with seed funding, co-working space or structured mentoring. Their focus is on co-creating with the user or buyer, product testing and support to get the product to market.

Who is it for?

Applicants can be early or late stage innovations and are not limited to specific verticals. However, they do focus on the following: health and care, food, household, assisted living and personal equipment.

What do they provide?

AEON by Tech For Good

This incubator offers a personalized program for entrepreneurs that develop solutions for aging at home. The 6-month program is designed to provide each of the startups with everything they need to grow and succeed.

Who is it for?

The program is suited for innovative startups at the POC stage, or that have a working product and are looking to expand their activity. They are looking for innovative startups that are addressing the following issues:

  • Independence
  • Caregiving
  • Access to products and/or services

What do they provide?

Silver Moonshots Virtual Accelerator

Programs take place in six-week sprints and do not require participants’ physical presence.

Silver Moonshots uses a proprietary Startup Launch Assistance Map (SLAM). They provide expert advice through online tutoring and directed learning experiences, focusing on deep and meaningful customer discovery (wherever possible), and by drawing on the most expert mentoring available in the world from an array of individuals who have not only advised successful startups, but often had their own direct success in the startup world.

Who is it for?

startups looking to get faster traction and much greater opportunities for access to early revenue capital.

What do they provide?

To summarize, entrepreneurs in the aging have not only “regular” accelerator programs to chose from, but also, programs that specialize in the aging population. Wherever you’re located, whatever stage company you have, and whether you’re willing to give up some equity or not, one of the above accelerators could help you lunch a successful business.

Know of any other accelerators for entrepreneurs in aging? Reach out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter!




Keren Etkin is a Gerontologist and the creator of

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Keren Etkin

Keren Etkin

Keren Etkin is a Gerontologist and the creator of

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